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The brain is an organ that can get sick or damaged like any other organ. Physical and chemical changes can effect your mood and ability to function. Yeah, it's all in your head. Because your brain is in your head, and it can get sick!

i put this pin in the ebst quote as i wanna soon to be read shared and understood,please really we have never to forget this; Always help the abused people that have not been cannot understand but if u an hearth make an effort and never abandon them thanks much

Vincent Van Gogh "Starry Night" While teaching Jack about Van Gogh and telling him all about this picture..he says...."I saw that in a museum already, Nana." ummm he is five.

The Folly Of Mankind

And how do we tell our grandchildren that the earth once teemed with magnificent beasts, but we hunted to extinction all but a few of them? How do we explain that we could have saved them from the folly of mankind but didn't lift a finger until it was too late? #animals #conservation #compassion #elephants #hunting #humanity