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Hair slide, hair barrette, hair clip, hair fork, hair stick "Calligraphy" Collection, antique copper or german silver hair slide

I got inspired by beautiful art of calligraphy! So I came up with collection of…

Sea Urchin Collection - Special Pink Earrings

This is an inspiration gathering blog for my OC Selchidh Farwynd x Skinchanger Ironborn x Game of Thrones x Original Character A scrawny girl with eyes of changing colors that speaks to the sea. ...

Sterling Silver Sea Urchin ring Green Sultan Ring, Beach Jewelry, available between sizes 6 and 10

Seashell Christmas Ornament- Coastal Living style, Florida, Beach Christmas, Seashell flower ornament, Shell ornament - by MamaStowes on Etsy 2014

RESERVED Sea Glass & Starfish Mobile - Ombre Blues