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DOCUMENTAL: La búsqueda del secreto para una vida eterna parece llegar a su fin, Investigadores afirman tener la fórmula para la inmortalidad. Fecha: Sábado 4 de mayo Hora: 7pm Lugar: History Channel


Google+ Brings Its Interest-Based “Collections” Feature To iOS

Google introduced Collections a few months ago for Android and web, letting users create these collections of things they like and are interested in. Today, iOS users finally get the feature on their devices as well. Google+ Collections are, like the...


A Vision for Brand Engagement Online, or "The Goal"

Other areas of marketing like user experience, social media, and public relations are increasingly intertwined with ranking well in the SERPs. In this post, Eric Enge offers up several examples of that synergy. | Social Media News


Bebo is BACK. And it's completely and utterly bonkers

Social networking site Bebo has been reincarnated as a hashtag and avatar-fuelled messaging app - here's everything you need to know | Social Media News


Google Plus YouTube Comments: Reddit Users Fight Back Against Forced ... - International Business Times

Google Plus YouTube Comments: Reddit Users Fight Back Against Forced ... - International Business Times | Social Media Video


300 Million; It's Time To Get Instagram Sourcing

Get Instagram sourcing with these 3 tips. Instagram has grown rapidly to and it's definitely one to add to your social recruiting tool kit in 2015 | Social Media News


Restaurants struggle to reach customers with social media - Boston Globe

Restaurants have always counted on word of mouth as a crucial marketing element of their businesses. In the age of social media, that means an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. | Social Media News


Tips on Protecting Your Business from Hackers

CryptoSeal, a virtual private network that has guaranteed its customers would be insulated from internet surveillance, announced that it will close down rather than risk exposure to government monitoring and the costly fees that accompany compliance.

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How to Get Traffic to Your Blog with Facebook Groups for Bloggers

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