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I saw this and it broke my heart just about as much as glen's "i'll find you"'s abe's way of saying the same thing, and yes, I was beginning to love the whole sashaham pair!

Hayao Miyazaki trabaja los lugares más emocionantes: el Totoro "Totoro", 2 Laputa Castillo en el Cielo ", el 3 Ou Sina la señora panadería" Kiki Delivery Service ", 4.. Moving Moving Castle Castillo de Howl ", el aceite de casa," A Thousand El viaje de Chihiro "

This is the Hotel Danieli, which is absolutely lovely, as you can see. They were really nice about me taking photos around with my tripod, which was great. I was here with my friend Rene, and we were keen to get up on the rooftop restaurant to take photos. We were more than happy to actually have a full dinner and everything too! - Venice, Italy - Photo from #treyratcliff Trey Ratcliff at