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Forbes "The MoneyMakers" Midas List VC issue - @blackmarkt- #webstagram

Forbes "The MoneyMakers" Midas List VC issue -

How Fox News is literally DESTROYING the Republican Party....bless their hearts :-)

Watch Lawrence O'Donnell Rip Bill O'Reilly's Racist Rant to Pieces (Video)

Presidential candidates Barack Obama (D) and Governor Mitt Romney (R, MA)

The XII Project - Elevating the foreign policy debate leading into the 2012 presidential election

Individual Branding Statements and Emotional Branding

Business Branding Through Characterization Guide [Infographic]. What does your brand stand for? Knowing how to characterize your brand is another way of defining what your brand stands for. Most brands fall into one or a blend of these 12 character types.

2011 State of Digital Marketing    What has the biggest impact on lead generation? A new survey finds SEO beats PPC and social media. But PPC still gets more budget for those targeting consumers over SEO, and lest anyone believe social media is a waste of time, more than half have closed leads from social media channels.

Infographic: Digital Marketer Views On SEO, PPC & Social Media

5 tools for Social Media Management.

Infographic - 5 Digital Tools to Boost Your Brand. Here are five digital tools that many brands are successfully utilizing to become an active role in their fans’ lives and specific brand mentions on who’s doing it right.

If you really believe something you don't have to think about it,you know the answer. It's when you tell a lie and can't remember what you told so you flip flop and are bound to get it right sometime.

Romney’s arrogance can be overwhelming at times… He says protestors are ‘too young’ to understand the economy; this, coming from a guy who has been collecting government checks, political contributions, and capital gains for over a decade.

The Risks and Perils of Obamacare...... Ohio doctor running newspaper ads criticizing Obamacare ahead of election

The Risks and Perils of Obamacare. Ohio doctor running newspaper ads criticizing Obamacare ahead of election