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Hillary Defended Rapist of 12yr old - Google Docs

Same day, different markets. Feeling manipulated yet? ~ MEDIA CORRUPTION!

Indeed, "There is No Planet B." but we are "blowing our chances" of ever addressing the need to stop Climate Change from making our home simply untenable - and that's where we are heading ! As it is the warning signs are being largely ignored & we are, increasingly, seeing wars over water, food, etc. As if in quicksand more & more will futilely struggle before being overwhelmed. What utter stupidity - how so preventable had we heeded the warnings ! But now......?

Start thinking for yourself and become an individual.

The power you give your TV (TV = media, marketing, politics, etc.) That's not true for Free Thinkers! We're a far bigger threat to corporations!

Do your own research! / / / Of course it's biased. Your news comes from multi-billion dollar corporations with even bigger parent corporations which have enormous amounts of money invested in energy, pharmaceuticals, defense, agriculture, etc. and they therefore have a financial interest in any political parties which they feel benefit their investments. I promise you, they're not telling you the whole story.

social media addiction-Knowing Realness. What keeps a mind in a Fantasy World and then those Online who have Proven to be in the flesh good ppl-not crazy, manipulative, etc. and not seeking attn from an endless crowd of sex craved-driven fans. Awakening. Meh.

all of OUR GREAT HISTORY as KINGS and QUEENS, scientists, astronomers, mathematicians, healers, architectures, ETC and this is what we have become and gloified...?

If this man...Lets get going NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, etc.

A lovely, curvacious snow white!! Think different, think size diversity!