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Explore Portland Maker, 2012 Portland and more!

Trinity Labs. These folks were demo-ing a DIY 3D printer. Their web site is pretty interesting....

Portland ADX - building a community of makers. Fee-based workspace and classes. Probably a lot more to it - we need to go to one of their open houses.

Pixel Arts. Their only online presence right now is a Google Group. Their motto: Inspiring social change through game education, development and entrepreneurship. I spoke with them about approaching the Foundation at my son's school to provide an After School Enrichment course. I mean, GAME DESIGN!! How awesome!

Seeed Studio (yes, that's three Es) -- Open source HARDWARE. Basically a DIY site and store for making anything electronic yourself without spending a fortune. They were giving away circuit boards at the Faire.

Design Week Portland. Lots of folks at the Faire were also giving out flyers for this event in October - looks pretty hands on and lots of fun. "Explores process, craft, and practice across disciplines through the lens of our most vibrant design programming." This year, October 9-13 (2012).

ReWild Portland. They were paired with the Trackers group so it was hard to tell the two programs apart. I'd say they could work hand in hand. This group promotes Environmental Education. I was thinking they could provide a good workshop for our scouts.

Low Voltage Labs. Another open source HARDWARE group. They seem to make circuit boards and get groups of interested people together. I think this is where we found the theramin pencil.

C.H.A.I. Ninjas. This is a group of young people getting together to learn and develop together. The project they brought to the Faire is depicted in this video. This isn't all they do, but it's pretty representative. The only other info I have on them is on a teeny handout with some of the organizers' emails, and list of their core values. Good stuff, that.

Yono. An online collaborative art project. Anyone can contribute and they hope you do. Check this one out!