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#ContestEntry #CraftyPaws #FreeSample used a box of snuggle and extra wrapping paper. I cut out the stars and glued them to the snuggle box, then cut out once dried. can use as cheap earrings, ornaments, string them together as garland or a banner type thing to dangle from the edges of your counters/islands, to/from tag for next year (little hint use a different color duct tape on the other side and keep a log of who's tag is what color with the duck tape for those nosey kids lol), and…

Tiny Ernest had to go to the vet today! He is losing quills! No real answers (so any hedgehog owners/enthusiasts, advice welcome). We were able to rule out some causes (i.e. mites) and get treatment for others. So, here's hoping he will be okay soon! It is in these unknown experiences as a pet owner when I'm so grateful for this here instagram community. Such a great place for advice and support! Go follow my favorite @hedgieinfo for all sorts of hedgehog need to know! (Snuggle sack by…

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"I Never Sleep Because I'm Afraid That I Will Miss Out On Something Beautiful." Kameran | Twenty-Three | Canada I blog mostly art, quotes, tattoos and other things that interest me. This is a personal...

French Onion Soup

A savory and warm french onion soup flavored with garlic, red wine, sweet onions, and topped with a crisp baguette and melted white cheese. via @berlyskitchen

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[Free Pattern] Such A Fun Project! This Stripey Blanket Is lovely And Jolly And Perfect For Snuggling Under