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Forget Your Troubles and Dance - A custom piece we did earlier today. Yes, we accept Custom Typography Quote and Graphic Print orders :-) Get in touch with us via Etsy at

Quotes on falling in love for people who are terrified of falling in love

I hope you go to camp this weekend.....i really need to see you!!!!! Like really bad!!!! Its hitting me more than it ever has.....i cried last night and a couple mins really missing you right now....

Capturando a beleza com lentes, pincéis e camisetas

Things will happen in your life that will appear to break your spirit, yet these things reside in the mind that perceives them. All thoughts are changeable, dissolvable. Visualize all burdens vaporizing, being lifted from their source. Allow them to float away, if even for a moment, for you are free to return to them at any time. You are also free to release them, let them drift away, and create new perceptions of the same events. Remember, all events are perceptions in the mind❤

6 Stretches for a Flat Split

Why this article is different... foam roller (love this for massage AND oversplit), the scissors stretch...I have never seen before, the active leg stretch I thought about myself when seeing a tutorial on doing aerial cartwheels.

"The Way You Look Tonight" - Frank Sinatra. Let Old Blue Eyes dedicate this song to the beautiful bride! Upbeat and happy. For a slower and more romantic version, try Tony Bennett's interpretation.

Vicki Stroud and Peter Heperi participating in a dance marathon, Wellington, 7 June 1976 Reference Number: EP/1976/2054/8 Vicki Stroud and Peter Heperi, two of the remaining contestants in New Zealand’s first Bump Marathon, dancing the disco dance the Bump, Wellington. The pair have been dancing for over 20 hours and stand to win a trip to Fiji. Photographed 7 June 1976 by an unidentified Evening Post staff photographer.