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Until approximately 600 AD, perhaps 750 AD, the ancestors of the Creek Indians lived in round houses like most other Southeastern Indians.

First Interstate Alabama History: Map showing portions of old Federal road

Christian Creek Indian grave houses - Okaloosa County, Florida 2000

Ojibwe Spirit Houses where the living leave food,tools etc for the journey to the next life. Looks very similar to some Creek (Muscogee) tribal burials I've seen.

William "Red Eagle" Weatherford Memorial Park, Little River, Baldwin, AL | Native American Historical Figure. It is believed that he was born in what is now the state of AL into a wealthy family that consisted of his father, a Scottish trader, and his mother, a Creek Indian also of mixed heritage. As a result of this mixed lineage, he was only one-eighth Creek Indian. In the Creek nation descent was determined by the mother and his white father was of no concern to the other Creeks. He was…

Creek Indian Symbols | Alabama Creek Indian Symbols

Creek Indian Winter Home at Fort Toulouse by Kenny Shackleford, via Flickr

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Both Chichen Itza and Etowah Mounds had houses with doors in their corners. Houses with corner doors can only be found in the Creek homeland areas.