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A wonderful blog post by a Christian who supports helping refugees. I recommend Trump supporters who call themselves Christians to read this. The writer IS a Republican too.

For that little rightwing troll who tried to tell me that Bush took responsibility for his actions and that Obama does not -- THIS is what I'm talkin' about!! She couldn't tell me when or where Bush had stepped up, and she clearly didn't appreciate how Obama hasn't been able to correct the things we ALL need corrected!

Women DO get pregnant from rape. and it happens WAY more often than republicans claim. These quotes turn my stomache. Vote, just please vote them the hell out! << I find these quotes astounding from public figures. Just half of one of these would finish that person for life in Australia. It would be a national outcry.

Just wanted to give a wave "hi"'to my friend Marion who doesn't follow me, but basically does :) #heyheyhey

from The Huffington Post

Help, Help! There's an Elephant in My Uterus. Permission Slips from Men for Abortion?

For people who throw the word freedom around so much why do they believe they have the right to tell women what to do with our own bodies...