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It separates....don't mind me, I'm just gonna cry in the corner all by myself

Celine! yes, she has been a favorite artist of mine since I was 8 years old. I chose this song because when first asked to sing it Celine was unsure of whether or not she could hit the high note at the end of the song. So when it was decided that Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey would sing the song instead Celine reconsidered and ended up with this fabulous remake of All by Myself.

The will of an all powerful entity or a fable by Bronze Age Humans still obsessed with the "magical power of a blood sacrifice. Think about it.

"I just spent the last half hour by myself in the cold, looking at the super moon. I frickin adore space."

Monsta X are such cutes~! despite their concepts 😂😂 • Omg i was at my work placement right and we finish at 5pm (Still light by then) and on our way to the station i saw 3 girls recording a dance cover of Boombaya!! it was so hard contain myself from doing the hair helicopter 😂😅😅 Anyways all i remember was that there were 3 girls and one had purple hair :)) I shall wait for the cover 🙂 • #Kpop #Bangtanboys #Bts #방탄소년단 #Army #KimNamjoon #Namjoon #Rapmonster #KimSeokjin #Seokjin #Jin…

from Southern Bite

Eggnog Chess Pie

Chess pie goes by many names, often based on the ingredients that are added to it.  Buttermilk Pie, Vinegar Pie, etc. But they all fall into the chess pie category.  This classic dessert is based on four ingredients – eggs, milk, butter, and sugar.  I’ll admit that I have quite the affinity for Buttermilk Pie myself, …