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Show Dad how lucky you are to have him with a lottery ticket bouquet. Pour rice or beans into a vase, attach lottery tickets to bamboo skewers and arrange the "stems" in the rice.

Mother's Day Printable: Fun Facts About Mom

Fun Facts About Mom Mother's Day Printable | The Girl Creative Help your little ones fill out this fun questionnaire all about mom for Mother's Day and give mommy a gift that she can hold onto for a lifetime. Make this a yearly event so you can look back on it over the years to laugh at the silly answers and see how you have (or haven't) changed.

Who Are The Crystal Children

Who are the Crystal Children? Crystal children, or Starseeds are loving and powerful old souls who have come here now to answer humanities collective desire to evolve. Click here to learn more about them.

The first thing you notice about the natural healers called The Crystal Children (whom I’ll also refer to as “Crystals”) is their eyes— large, penetrating, and wise beyond their years. Their eyes lock upon yours hypnotically, while your soul is laid bare for these children to truly see. They’re happy, delightful, and forgiving . . . and unlike previous generations. Ideal in many ways, they point to where humanity is headed . . . and it’s a positive direction! The old