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Vegetable Pizza

Vegetable Pizza Recipe -I'd say this is my favorite food ever and has been since I was a little girl. I remember my mom always making it for me for my birthday because I loved it so much...delicious

The Best Turkey Soup You Will Ever Eat

For real, this stuff is epic. I made my first batch of this last year after Thanksgiving, but this year I have it down to a science, a rich savory science of deliciousness that is. This soup starts out with a super concentrated homemade turkey stock made from the Thanksgiving...

Christmas Wreath Appetizer

Christmas Wreath Appetizer from This wreath looks as good as it tastes. The base and toppings can be prepared a day ahead and assembled right before your party. This is my version of an appetizer found on You can add other chopped veggies, dried fruit, etc. to make this even prettier. Best served shortly after assembling.

Pepperoni Pizza Lasagna Rolls

Pepperoni Pizza Lasagna Rolls. Use Whole grain and turkey pepperoni!!!!!!These pizza lasagna rolls are a fun meal that the whole family will love — what’s not to love about pizza and lasagna? With a little planning ahead, they are a great weeknight meal.

Garden Ranch Pizza-Pampered Chef

Garden Ranch Pizza-Pampered Chef from This is a quick pizza to through together. What I especially love is that my kids devoured it even though it was covered in vegetables and there wasn't a piece of meat in sight. Substitute your own favorite vegetables (zucchini, onion, cauliflower), the possibilities are endless.

Beet Crust Pizza

The most beautiful pizza i've ever seen - I so want to eat it, ALL! Beet Crust Pizza | Bakers Royale

Carrie Underwood's No-Guilt Veggie Pizza

Carrie Underwood's No-Guilt Veggie Pizza: I made this on my George Foreman Grill. I have baby metal cookie cutters i put in the four corners to keep the grill top from smashing the pizza. Works great.

24 Grilled Vegetables That Show Meat Who Is Boss

Bring out the sweetness of the carrots with balsamic vinegar and butter. Get the recipe from Simple Bites. -