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It is common knowledge that sub-Saharan Africa is urbanising faster than anywhere else in the world ... but what if we're wrong?! This misconception, based on simplistic projections from very old data, is contradicted by recent censuses, which suggests we need to rethink our understanding of urban poverty across the continent.

A couple of years ago we looked back at the terrible 1924 traffic congestion solution, in which the plan was to drain the East River. Turns out the people of the past also had big plans for the Hudson

Sean McCaughan assesses conditions on the ground three years after the city adopted a form-based roadmap.

MoMA's new exhibition Foreclosed continues the museum's exploration of seminal issues in contemporary living. An architecture report from New York by Danielle Rago.

At MoMA, curators and architects seek a way out of the cul-de-sac.