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Who You Need to Know ... Key Ministry We’re proud to be in a great relationship with Key Ministry “A Church for Every Child.” They’re doing an incredible job to help the church address children with a number of psychiatric and neurological needs. Here is their heart and what they do!

Who You Need to Know ... the Well Community ... Another great and impacting work for those with mental illness … The Well Community! Here is what they do … We are a community of people working to bring love and health to adults recovering from serious mental illness. Our Community Life Center recently received certification by the International Center for Clubhouse Development (see

A Long Journey... and Progress! Guest Blog: Paul Walken I was first diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder seven years ago after a failed suicide attempt. I came to realize that I have always struggled with Bipolar Disorder even before my diagnosis. After a very trying process of seeing many doctors and taking many different types of medication, MHGA played a major part of helping me get on the “right track” and a productive lifestyle.

Guest Blog: John Noss I was talking to a friend recently who was facing an involuntary hospital stay. As I saw it, most of the trouble she was having was idealistic: she didn’t want to take the medication the doctors were offering, because it was for ‘schizophrenics, and psychotics.’

Guest blog: John Noss Ultimately what I’m belaboring here is that medical diagnoses are not everything—but they are something. My friend is easily one of the most sensitive and impressive persons whom I have ever had the privilege of knowing.