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▶ BEST UFO SHOW ON EARTH EVER RECORDED - March 26th - UKRAINE - raw audio (new) HD [documentary] - YouTube

Video available on YouTube, "I Know What I Saw"

John Lennon's statement about seeing a UFO, published on the cover of his Walls and Bridges album, along with his personal drawings of the craft. He and companion May Pang watched the silent craft for five minutes, from just 100 feet away. It crawled slowly overhead, tilted slightly, then disappeared straight up out of sight at astonishing speed.

COVERT SCIENCE-Mick Jagger says he’s seen two UFOs in his life. One, a cigar-shaped “mothership,” appeared in 1968 while he was camping in Glastonbury with then-girlfriend Marianne Faithfull. The other allegedly hovered over the audience while he was performing onstage in California in 1969. If Michael Luckman is to be believed, Jagger had a UFO detector installed in his home. He couldn’t get no satisfaction though; it kept going off when he wasn’t in the house. "Passing Strange-1910-2013"