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The 39 Most Important Viral Videos Of 2013

Detroit Pistons | Dance Cam: Nov. 19, 2013 | The 39 Most Important Viral Videos Of 2013

Rocoto Pepper. While Rocoto peppers look somewhat like bell peppers, it can be dangerous to get the two mixed up. While bell peppers aren't hot at all, the Rocoto pepper is extremely hot. Between 100,000 and 250,000 on the Scoville Heat Index, this pepper is about the size of a bell pepper but is rounder and is typically only red or green. Some people use this pepper to make very spicy sauces.

How to Make Crushed Chili Pepper Powder from Jalapeno Peppers

REBLOGGED - Have a bunch of jalapeno peppers?  Dry them for a few hours, crush them up and you'll have Chili Pepper Flakes to last you all Winter long! This year we planted a little more jalapeno pepper plants.  Actually we didn't plan on this but so

cayenne pepper = finger chili = ginnie pepper = bird pepper Equivalents: One pepper = 1/8 teaspoon ground Notes: These are often used in Cajun recipes. Green cayennes appear in the summer, while hotter red cayennes come out in the fall. Substitutes: chile de arbol OR Thai pepper OR habanero OR jalapeno OR serrano OR cascabel OR pequin OR tepin OR Holland OR cherry pepper