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Luciana Rondolini- Bejeweled Rotting Fruits

The bejeweled, rock-chic aesthetic, rotting fruits of the argentinian artist Luciana Rondolini are amazing. In her project “Tiffany” she interrogates and explores the idea of beauty and value in a unique way. She draws parallels to real life by encrusting with diamonds pears, apples and bananas while the decaying inner flesh is deliberately exposed. Interesting.

Rotting fruit Nan Shartel (2012) More similar to what I am to have, but likely the whole fruit. I want to interpret waste in a literal way, showing the fruit as fresh, then with the fruit rotting.

"My name is Kate Kato and I am an artist, designer, crafter and a collector of unwanted things. I live in the Welsh boarders where I create sculpture inspired by the nature that surrounds me. My sculptures are predominantly of plants and insects and are made from recycled materials. I love to work mostly with paper and textile, using stitching and embroidery to bring the various parts of my sculpture together."