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Like your brain forgets memories, so does NotePond. But don't worry — it doesn't do so at random. NotePond allows you to create ‘self-destruct' notes that get automatically erased after a while. Read

While most services remain the way you leave them, NotePond doesn't work that way. It features an element of chance and serendipity to discovering notes. This allows you to discover content your brain might have forgotten, just like you would randomly remember a memory.

You don't just put your notes anywhere you want. they need to be secured in a safe vessel like NotePond!

Like a Pond, NotePond keeps all your journal entries safe and out of reach of anyone. Try NotePond Now!

Like your own brain, NotePond is private and can be access anytime, anywhere. No one should be able to read your mind or take a peek inside your memory!

NotePond offers the exact safety that your memories do. This means that unless you willingly give someone access to your notes with the highly-controlled and secure collaboration tools, no one can figure out what they're about.

Like your brain links information together and associates information with concepts, this classic notes app lets you achieve the same level of organization by creating groups and folders, freely tagging them as well as individual notes, inter-note linking, creating folder shortcuts, and pinning notes and folders.

One way to keep your business secure is to create custom data format for your business.