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33 Funny Pictures for Today

33 Funny Pictures for Today If You'd like, click the link to see more like this:

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Teenager Posts Of The Week!

Omg if Theo James and Keiynan Lonsdale came to my school when I am absent I will cry for the rest of my life and die lonely

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Teenager Posts Of The Week

I've been packing all day long, I have to be in Syracuse by 1:00 tomorrow, and I'm still not done yet. Last week, I waited until 8:00 in the morning to pack for Sandusky, and I had to pick my friend up at 9:30. XD Procrastination at its finest.

Yea but some r actually useful! Like I want to be a forensic anthropologist when I grow up, so like math and other stuff r actually important

"If you threw a tampon into a crowd of boys they would freak out screaming. It would be like in Monsters Inc when George gets contaminated by the sock"

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31 Photos That Will Make You Happier Than They Should

That looks like the most delicious thing I have ever seen!! (Watermelon is one of my favorite foods)

3 months! More like until the next year and you finally get it right!

Me: *finally gets comfortable in bed* Bladder:

And I have a tendency to type like this