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priceless wedding photography best of trash the dress 10

Instagram media by - Reposicao APENAS 1 peça tam "M" correr. Vai acabar .. vestido curto cava v kamoes R$ 219,00 Ou R$ 197,10 +frete grátis usando o codigo: "4132" no campo "VENDEDOR" ao final da compra. Obs :problema com a peça você pode ir em qualquer loja farm realizar a troca.✂️

Sappix and son were Ute Indians. Both in native dress, one with face paint and ornaments, one holding bag. Photograph 1869

Celtic god Cernunnos. From 2nd or 1st Century BC Gundestrup Caldron, found in a Danish bog

I sometimes have complete and utter faith in this cast.... And other times I lose it completely.

Indian inspired fashion in Seventeen magazine, April 1968.

maybe with a beer or a glass of wine in my hand....ehh so excited!

from io9

40+ Amazing Pieces of Dragon Art and Cosplay

HBO's fantasy epic Game of Thrones starts this weekend, and we're seeing dragons everywhere. Dragons perched over cities! Dragons on electric guitars! People and their pets dressed as dragons! Dragons are the universal signifier of awesomeness.

Dior Christian | House of Beccaria~

Raven Boots by Trace Yeomans, limited edition #/20, 12" x 12" (image size) $100. "This is a set of paintings about my love for shoes. Anyone that knows me knows I own a lot of shoes. The Ravens here are in different shoes to show different aspects of my life that I enjoy like running, dancing. dressing up and just roughing around."