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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/221710159/chibi-pikachu-pokemon-coffee-mug

chibi Pikachu - Pokemon coffee mug

Chibi super cute pikachu mug! Show your love among pikachus with this Pokemon mug ♥ Size: tall x Tracked shipment included.

Monster Hunter Felyne Mug

Monster Hunter Felyne Mug, I want one, like badly.

If the avengers were pokemwzyysq non trainers

If the avengers were pokemon trainers

The Avengers and Pokemon. I never thought it was possible.

Greatest invention since sliced bread - 9GAG

Greatest invention since sliced bread

The greatest invention since sliced bread (X-Post from r/Pokemongo)

On of the reason I really really want and need to learn Japanese.

Way to Go, Blue...

"My reason is so that I can start having an Advantage over Red from the very beginning! Not my name! Oak you know me better then that!

Pokemon Center Online 2016 Pikachu Ceramic Mug (Version #2) NOT SOLD IN STORES

Pokemon Center Online Pikachu Ceramic Mug

I really should stop pinning these...but the adorable compells me.

Aaaah loved this show I had a crush on the blond one what was his name hahahhaha