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Grateful children are more likely to grow into happier adults. But how exactly do we make our kids understand that they should be grateful for having anything to eat at all?

تربية طفل معتمد علي نفسه الاعتماد علي النفس عند الطفل

Do you ever feel concerned by some of the less desirable traits that your children display? Have you looked in the mirror? No pressure then!

The Forbes and Lomax SS13/PSX - single switched socket invisible plate white rocker. This is a Forbes and Lomax 13amp Switched Single Socket ~ finish: perspex - White Insert/Rocker

Dear "That Kid," I love this. I often think about my students when we leave for the summer and pray they are doing ok. I worry that some may not have all their needs met and I pray that someone is kind to them and they come back the following school year.

Cycle speedway: The 'skid kids' who raced bicycles on WW2 bomb sites. In the post-war UK, groups of teenagers found a use for the crumbling bomb sites that scarred their cities - they raced bicycles on them. How did this hazardous and haphazard pastime become a hugely popular sport? #WorldWarII #WWII #history #WorldWar2 #WW2 #London #England #UK #UnitedKingdom #GreatBritain #Britain #children #kids #bicycles #cycling #sport

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