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The Prince and the Maknae!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jongin biased 🌸 EXO is too precious for this world, Vivi is my bias list ruiner

This is so perfect!! I love how they still included the X membersss! (I still include them when I'm talking about EXO)

is this an actual story? because if not, i want to write it. if it is, someone send me the link!

Exo nutrition facts. Once you know exo, you'll understand. ;)

I'm really not supposed to take in more than of Dancing Machines, but EXO is my weakness.

bts who??...lol but whyyyy is it like this,this is upsetting and unfair

BTS? Whats Behind The Scenes ?

Bts who? A kpop group? Well I've never heard of them.the only bts I know is Behind The Scenes (BTS)

Aww Kris teasing Kai. His face at the end is so adorable like a puppy thinking: Whaa you didn't give me the cookie

Kris teasing the Kai puppy with food. Kai at the end though: " I trusted you" Lol