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Sheet Music- 1910, Winter....Brrrrr...

In 1926 Seuss lived on Paris’ Left Bank. One night he saw Hemingway (pictured here in his Paris apt. 1924) at the La Closerie café smoking & writing. “I was scared to walk over and ask him what he was writing, lest he ask me what I was writing. I was a kid writing limericks about goats, cheese and other stuff I couldn’t sell—he was probably writing A Farewell to Arms.” Picasso—Cézanne—Dalí all frequented La Closerie.

Vintage Philadelphia Print - The Troc - Burlesque House - Vaudeville - Spicy - Peppy - Leggy

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Outing, February 1897.

Me too. Especially while I smoke my pipe.

The Quartier Latin. A magazine devoted to the arts - Cover art by Louis Rhead - c. 1890-1900. (via: turnofthecentury: Library of Congress)

Adorable 1900's Seed Packets Art Fridge Magnets

~ playing on the Parlour Victrola: I never knew I had a Wonderful Wife Until The Town Went Dry, performed by Eddie Cantor , 1919 [ & recently featured on HBO's Boardwalk Empire ]; click here to listen! http://www.thegipsyintheparlour.com/2012/04/classic-martini.html

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