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"Never Give Up!!" / That's not what I think whenever I see this pic. The only thing I think whenever I see this, is "Why didn't someone just take that strawberry and slice off a few bits for that poor baby tortoise so he/she can eat???" And then I'm sad.

"These baby turtles will return in 35 years to lay their eggs on this same beach. That sounds like an Intelligent Design to me." Of course the vast majority will also die from predation with their soft shells and small bodies. Not so intelligent a design.

Community Post: The 25 Happiest Animals In The World

Secret To Happiness: Constant prancing. Favorite Thing: Constant prancing.

Bat carers are desperately needed in North Queensland Australia, their mothers are being shot right now and the babies are starving to death.

I Think I Died And Went To Heaven