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The unpacked boxes sat for days after the move. The home office needed to be unpacked and made functional fast. The end result is a transformation.

The unpacked boxes of kids' art and games were organized and placed in clear labeled bins or drawers. No more boredom for these happy kids.

Tips for unpacking and organizing your kitchen, broken down by kitchen work zone and layout by All Things G&D #allthingsgd

from Simply Kierste Design Co.

A Moving Organization Binder

from DesignThusiasm

9 Tips for Packing While Trying to Sell Your Home

Buying a new home? If you haven't sold your house yet, you need to pack for the move while keeping your home spotless for real estate showings. Here are 9 TIPS FOR PACKING WHILE SELLING YOUR HOME. | #sellingahome #buyingahome #moving

Playrooms can easily get out of hand. These artistic kids and mom needed an organized place to play and create. DONE!

I get asked often what is my favorite trick or tip to make PCSing (or moving) just a bit easier. My answer is always PCS color coded organization! What do I mean by that? It’s really so simple but makes a world of difference just by using colored duct tape! So how does this simple [...]