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if you are feeling guilt, you are living in the past. if you are feeling worry, you are living in the future. neither of which you have any control over. they are wasted and useless emotions. if you are at peace, you are living in the present.

Be nice first.

❤ and be nice all the time, disregarding others not being nice to you, just be nice, and don't lose your patience, it does take a lot of patience.

It's okay. Life is not easy and you did not ask for this illness. It was not a choice and you are not to blame. Accept help because recovery is actually possible. Things can change.

.well said....

DIY Cupcake Holders

Be Happy People. Or LEARN to be happy! Because life is good, it may be difficult at times, but it's worth being happy!


Thanks mom. Instilling confidence in others is one of the single greatest things you can do! I know for certain that those who have done this for me, have never been forgotten! It's a wonderful legacy to leave behind.

I am still learning. Learning to live. Learning to be a better person. Learning who I am.

So true. I see the beauty in everything around me and I try to capture it with my camera. Some people just don't get the magic of a good photo. Capturing the moment, keeping memories, sharing something beautiful.