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"For Somebody" ~ Father Tuck's "Welcome Gift" Series which ran from 1927 through 1934. (Cat at table with china tea service.)

'Peg Amy' from 'Kabumpo in Oz' (1922), one in a series continuing on from Frank L. Baum's OZ books, written by Ruth Plumly Thompson and illustrated by John R. Neill (12/11/1877-13/9/1943)

Illistration from the children's book "The Patchwork Girl of Oz" by Frank L. Baum, 1913 - illustrated by John R. Neill

Um coral e Tálassa, a personificação do mar, cerca de 512. Ilustração do Dioscórides de Viena, Biblioteca Nacional Austríaca em Viena. Ascendência: Éter e Hemera.