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Haunted Doll Jillian (#361611103795) - Everything Else > Metaphysical > Psychic, Paranormal > Other Psychic, Paranormal for $30.00

Jillian passed away when she was 27 years old from an intentional drug overdose. She is a very sweet spirit. She loves to hear people laughing. She ha... #jillian #doll #haunted

Greatest Quotes. /FancyQuoteTees God. Jesus. Faith. Bible.

You'll know it's love when you won't have to fight to keep it. Love stays because it wants to.

from The Cookie Rookie

Raspberry Pink Champagne Floats

Raspberry Pink Champagne Floats, made with pink champagne and raspberry sorbet are the perfect Valentine's treat! Sorbet Mimosas are perfect for New Years Eve, Valentine's Day, baby showers, or wedding showers! Beautiful, EASY, and delicious!

FR-: Bon Anniversaire Ariel! “La Petite Sirène” a 27 ans aujourd'hui! :) EN-: Happy Birthday Ariel! “The Little Mermaid” turns 27 years old tomorrow! :)


Impatient witch.

Her lips curl into a devious smirk causing him to panic. "You never said when I had to give you a first born."

from The Letters of Literacy

27 Awesome Sight Word Activities

These 27 awesome sight word activities for kids provide engaging, hands-on ways to build up sight word knowledge and increase reading skills.

The Dumbbell Nebula (M27). Light from this nebula takes 1,000 years to reach us, and can be seen with binoculars.