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Hama Star 61 Tripod with Carry Case by Hama,

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Make Money From Home As A Captioner

Want to earn some extra cash while watching your favourite TV shows and movies? Read the post to find out how you can earn money captioning videos.

Video to use when teaching about growth mindset! This is amazing. Obstacles? What obstacles? Full-screen it and read the subtitles.

Free silent e video/song by The Bazillions - Love this! Watch a Nessy strategy to learn about the magic 'e'. Great for helping you to read and spell words ending in a silent 'e' (split vowel digraphs).

Technique :: A Quick Guide to Color Pooling | Red Heart #crochet

Teachers and reading specialists have guided us to say the letter sound before the word for your children to hear the initial letter sound starting the word. Our only exception is the using the word fox with the letter x, because the x in fox accurately makes the (ks – sound). Actively participating in this song daily will help your class achieve the Common Core and national standard of learning one to one letter sound correspondence.

from Cassie Dahl: Teaching & Technology

Making Inferences with a Movie Short

Using movie shorts in the classroom can be very engaging. Guide your students to make inferences using a Pixar short. The post includes two free graphic organizers to help your students! Perfect to use for any book or video.

Elements of art use this video for a review with the upper grades at the beginning of the year 2:18