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Eat Bulaga's phenomenal love team, comprise of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, also known as Yaya Dub, are sweeping the nation by storm. The onscreen couple have already endorsed several brands like McDonalds, Talk 'N Text and the latest Zonrox TV commercial.

This had to be one of my very favorite shows. Didn't have any DVR back then, so I would be disappointed if I missed an episode.

tv show sitcom of 1970s - Google Search

Mama's Family...80's/90's Kid!!!.. <3. Loved this show growing up!

This moment killed me. Sherlock's relationship with Marcus is probably my favorite next to his relationship with Joan...

Castle Looks Confused in Castle Season 5, Episode 16: "Hunt"****bodies dropping all around ya think?

LONDON Spy ... Mini Series phenomenally good with Ben Whishaw - Jacob Verbruggen

This was a first real glimpse of Sam's feelings. This show is for the most part from Dean's POV, and as such, we see from the beginning how devoted he is to Sam . . . But in Faith, we finally get to see a bit into Sam's head. He doesn't sleep, spending every moment researching and calling every number he can. He puts aside his anger to his father and calls him. He refuses to accept reality. Yeah, he is stubborn, but one of the things he is stubborn about is that he will not let Dean die…