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Amama Yellow Leather Bracelet by Moxham

Yellow Long Sleeve Sweater

This bright long-sleeve sweater top is a fun addition to any outfit. Wear it with a skirt or jeans and look chic.

Jes MaHarry frames a spendidly matrixed turquoise in a 14kt yellow gold and sterling bezel engraved with leaves, above the 14kt rose gold band inscribed “See Beauty" and “Love Life.” Made in the USA. Exclusive. Whole sizes 6 to 9.

Big Chill- I've been staring at this line of appliances in a downtown Oakville store window. Finally went in today and feel even more in love! I want the WHOLE expensive line!!!

I remember figuring out that, if properly paced, I could eat these one at a time and when the whole necklace was gone, Mom would be home from the hospital with our new baby sister! @sarahconstablematt

I will buy these before Europe next year. :) $95 and my friends say worth every penny, because they last for years.

I love the whole look for summer! You could transition into evening with a pair of capris and strappy heels.

Kerrygold- best butter EVER!!!!!!!!! Grass-fed cows make the tastiest butter.

How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Month

Sorry for the picture...I was given a limited choice. However this is a month long diet plan for 1,300 calories/day! I like that you can eat often, and most of it seems to be able to be prepared ahead of time

If you have a whole bunch of clear cups laying around.