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Sky-High: Prince Al Walid Bin Talal owns a handmade Mercedes SL600 car made from diamonds and Swarovski crystals.

Icy Couture, Bedazzled with Swarovski Crystals, Mercedes emblems! Whats your crystal color?

How my boyfriend lost his girlfriend - #Love My boyfriend is educated and owns his firm and goodlooking like you have any idea. He also likes my cooking. My boyfriend wanted to buy me expensive things. I refused for I can buy my own things. He then offered to buy me a BMW. I told him I had bought my own Mercedes so why buy me a car? He offered to take me on a boat cruise and I told him that I used to drive my own boat and I get motion sickness when I am not the one driving. My boyfriend…

Mercedes Clase C AMG C63 Black Series Coupe USA |

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Subaru WRX Concept stuns, but what lies beneath?

Inside the Mercedes-Benz F 015 self driving car of 2030.

a deeper appreciation for pre WW2 cars -- there’s something about boat tails, pontoon fenders, and art deco grills that just drip extravagance and grace. Bling-Bling!: ) Bedazzle Your Mercedes emblems with Swarovski Crystals! We Bling all cars!