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Unfortunately for my malignant narcissistic personality-Disordered "mother in law", she grossly underestimated her target. She thought I'd just roll over and take all of it. She revealed herself to me and then smiled sweetly when others were around. Then had the nerve to smear me behind my back saying that I "present" as a loving if I am not a loving mother. Just insane, this creature who actually does present herself to all as a sweet loving grandmother ly type. Can you say…

I am pro choice. I am ALSO against letting children, minimum wage earners, our veterans, the disabled, and the elderly starve to death. I am against letting anyone die from lack of medical treatment. Your choice is yours, not the government's.

from The Huffington Post

Republicans: What About Children Outside the Womb?

I am Pro-Choice, and I 100% agree with this woman. This is mainly the reason that I am pro-choice. People will fight for this unborn fetus, saying that doctors are denying its basic human rights if the mother chooses to abort it. What do they care once the baby is born? Once they have done "God's will" and their hands are wiped clean. They then deny the child what is necessary for life.

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We thought this was settled nearly 50 years ago but, since women's rights are back in the public arena, this topic is part of Campaign 2012.

Castle Island, Dublin. I can not believe I am going there in 8 weeks. A huge bucket list place for me and an awesome 50th birthday present!!!