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Federal Agencies Stonewall House Committee’s Benghazi Investigation

Some federal agencies continue to stonewall when it comes to the ongoing investigation into the Benghazi terrorist attacks, sources tell Sharyl Attkisson. elijah cummings, as one of the biggest stonewallers, has no business being on that committee.

from The Daily Signal

The Benghazi Select Committee Has Been Established. Why That’s a Good Thing.

On Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives voted, 232-186, to establish an investigative Select Committee on Benghazi.

from The Daily Signal

The Skinny on Obama’s 10-Point Administrative Amnesty Plan

The White House is preparing to announce a 10-point immigration plan that President Obama would implement with an executive order.

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Lloyd Wells on

Too busy trying to get a picture of Obama and Tiger Woods to notice 4 Americans Dead in Benghazi due to the actions of those sitting in the White House @catherine gruntman gruntman Benoit-Spargo @Nancy Christopher @ abc @Linda Bruinenberg Bruinenberg Taylor @msnbc