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When I'm lazy I hold my hand out to see if I have the Force, then am sad when it doesn't work<<< me too. I'm disappointed every time.

Good for them, couldn't happen to more deserving people. All that is done in Hate Will Reap. They will find out very soon just how much Trump cares about them....he got your vote, you're no longer any use to him.

[12.03] Cas checking that he looked okay SO CUTE and Crowley just silently judging him . Ugh tales from the shadowhunters academy was so fucking good. I cried so much in several parts but ugh. Tbh I keep expecting Cassandra's books to suck because she keeps writing more and adding on and you think somewhere she'd lose her touch or it would just seem like adding on for money, but I'm so so pleasantly surprised at how much that's not true. Both Lady Midnight and Tales From the Shadowhunt...