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D1 ANTIQUE MANOR It’s desirable with its beauty, utility, and unique features throughout the collection. Rustic style textured velvet with Art Deco inspired drapery ordinated your modern interior.

D5 ZEN ZEN, it reflects balance, harmony and relaxation. A Zen inspired collection is all about natural elements and creates soothing atmosphere, bamboo and water painting patterns brings this collection an oriental touch.

D3 CHINOISERIE 17TH Century European Artistic style that reflects appreciation of expression in Chinese Art. CHINOISERIE collection is a mixture in Eastern and Western artistic elements for both the patterns and textures.

D7 LIVELY (sheer) Delightful lively widewidth sheer, with the translucency and beautiful handle you expect from this collection.

D6 MAJESTIC Classical Grandeur has addressed by jacquard weave damask, rich damask pattern in sumptuous velvet on an almost iridescent metallic ground inspired by the floral at Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh. Stunningly coordinated with a creative contemporary pattern on velvet.