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How Cat Dander Can Be a Real Problem for People with Allergies

Cat dander threatens those who suffer from allergies. Learn the details on cat dander, the mystery of Fel D1, and how and why it affects allergy victims.

The “sting” of an insect such as a bee, wasp, hornet, yellow jacket or fire ants, is the injection of venom into the victim. The typical reaction may result in pain at the sting site, reddening, swelling and itching that may last just a few hours. But, if the victim is allergic to venom, the result may be severe life-threatening reactions. Learn more:

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Are Neti Pots Dangerous?

If you rely on Neti pots for allergy and sinus relief, you may have been spooked to learn that Neti pots have been implicated in two fatalities. In both cases, the victims, both in the New Orleans area, contracted a deadly brain-eating amoeba after using these devices to rinse their sinus cavities with tap water. BOIL the water first!!!

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How Cat Dander Can Be a Real Problem for People with Allergies

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Domestic abuse goes online - TRFN

".....Cindy Southworth, the executive vice president of the U.S. National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV)..."....Another challenge has been educating women to use technology safely and respond to abuse, while avoiding at the same time inadvertently "creating a how-to guide for offenders", ...."..."

Food Allergy Bullying? An alarming study out of Mount Sinai School of Medicine found that, out of 250 families surveyed, a shocking 45 percent of children with food allergies were bullied simply because they had an allergy. Learn more about the dangerous trend.