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Mom of peanut allergy victim: Her last words were 'I'm sorry' | Sacramento News - KCRA Home

Hearing loss may push decline in memory, thinking

Older Americans who have hearing loss have an accelerated decline in thinking and memory abilities, compared to those with normal hearing, according to a study published in JAMA Archives of Internal Medicine.

Now, at nearly two years since I began helminthic therapy I am nasally more normal than at any time in my life. I can eat dairy products with impunity and I am no longer a victim of any of the environmental allergies that previously plagued me with such vengeance. I am, at last, free to dally among the dust mites, cavort with cats, and garden in the summer sun without any antihistaminic support whatsoever.

How Cat Dander Can Be a Real Problem for People with Allergies

Cat dander threatens those who suffer from allergies. Learn the details on cat dander, the mystery of Fel D1, and how and why it affects allergy victims.

The School Insists We Medicate My Daughter! - great resource on how to handle this difficult situation

The “sting” of an insect such as a bee, wasp, hornet, yellow jacket or fire ants, is the injection of venom into the victim. The typical reaction may result in pain at the sting site, reddening, swelling and itching that may last just a few hours. But, if the victim is allergic to venom, the result may be severe life-threatening reactions. Learn more:

Allergy researchers target nighttime 'clock gene' activation

MSDF training sub to visit Philippines; two escort ships to go on to port call in Vietnam | The... Japan has confirmed that a Maritime Self-Defense Force submarine will visit the Philippines for the first time in more than a decade while two ships escor