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What fingers are really for…

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aristotle. Some people should think about this. Your life isn't where you want it? Change it. Get off your ass and go get what you want. Don't wait for it to handed to you. That's the lazy way out.

17 Candid Style Confessions Found On Whisper

Being a beauty guru I have finished must of them but some time I will lose them! <---- mine is almost finished! I am so proud of myself! I normally lose them to!

"The only problem with being genuinely nice to everyone is that you end up feeling consantly disappointed that people don't treat you like you treat them."

Lol this is funny because I'm almost the same with everyone except if I know you well it's a lil different because I'm different with my friends than I am with family

Oh so true. You're living in a lie. I don't know how you could ever be happy. But you just lost your family and best friend. And maybe even more down the road if you don't change.