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Explore Clackamas River, 10 000 Steps and more!

Clackamas River Trail: skeletons of a burnt era.

Clackamas River Trail: apparently, watch for bullets?!

Hamilton Mountain: MORE DIFFICULT = more rewarding!

Marquam Trail to Council Crest: Muddy, good architecture amongst the trees, great view and story at the top!

Tyron Creek State Park--the state park within a city! Trees growing out of fallen trees. There are stumps from the old days of cutting this area at the turn of last century.

Kings Mountain: Wildflowers

McCall Nature Preserve: getting blown over by wind!!!!! Seeing how the Missoula Floods came through. 10,000 years ago.

Eagle Creek: the blue lagoons. Where are the mermaids?

Cape Lookout: looking through the trees.

Coyote Wall: getting lost and finding my way back to the river.