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This app provides detailed maps, parking information, animal viewing, special events, and tour highlights. Information on each animal species can be viewed using search functions, by name, category, and location. Content Area: Science Grade Level: K-5 Price: $1.99

Great tips on how to set your ipad for use with babies or toddlers or even kids. No more taking a tour of the ipad when they should be looking at animal flashcards, lol.

Summer means so many things to so many teachers, and this year for me I plan to build up worthwhile activities for my first graders. There is a  lot of small group instruction happening throughout our day.  Here is a compilation of new small group and individual ideas that I hope to implement this year.  …

Jazzy World Tour - Musical Journey for Kids ($4.99 - FREE on 5/17/13) Join our two kittens on a magical journey as they travel the world in a hot air balloon. Visit Brazil, Spain, India, Australia and more, as we explore each country's unique music and culture. Play the different musical instruments with interactive fun pages filled with entertaining sounds and vivid illustrations.

This image shows swing motions of a golf continuously of how to get a good shot, this is shown by a sequential visual images from the start motion to the end.

Although this introduces the article with teaching "English" to kids, these 6 different styles apply to all content areas and may be stronger or weaker in certain areas. Teaching to best fit the students' styles must go on throughout the day and this article offers suggestions as to how to go about differentiating instruction.

fictionspulp: “ Giant panda cub Xiao Liwu at the San Diego Zoo, California, on March 6, 2013. © LeeLee 3680. ”