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19 Cool Pallet Projects

I woke up this morning and decided I wanted a pallet bed so we're making one! Check out the results at #DIYReady Pallet bed frame

wanted to make game boards that you could take off the wall and actually use. To do this collect various games, we used monopoly which are 20x20 inches. Paint a canvas black, glue board to canvas and install a do it yourself fame, I go them from Michaels to fit the 20 inch canvas.

DIY Make this Beautiful Handmade Paper using Old Newspapers and Acrylic Paint for Color and a old Picture Frame! Want to know how easy it is? Go to Mark Montano's Tutorial and go for it! P.S: We also used dried Flowers to add some lovely nature, rosepetals, daisies, leaves, we added them after the pulp is poored in the frame....and placing them before sponging!

Help, I'm Completely Baffled by Cooking Oils

Everything you've ever wanted to know about cooking oils, explained. The good kinds and the not so good kinds explained. Read up on olive oil and avocado oil and what they're good for.