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One of the coolest items I’ve seen lately is definitely the Hammacher Schlemmer‘s coffee table which incorporates a functional 32 inch Windows 8 computer. Once placed in the living room, this intriguing tech-table “unleashes” its true potential. Yes, it completes the décor of any room but it has, obviously, a geekier function. You can play …

Major Video Announcement: Sony unleashes the Sony A7r Mk II with 4k video

Major Video Announcement: Sony unleashes the Sony A7r Mk II with 4k video - http://blog.planet5d.com/2015/06/sony-announces-the-release-of-the-sony-a7r-mk-ii/

Mophie's $40 Juice Pack Reserve Micro charges your smartphone, fits on a keychain

Mophie unleashes $40 Juice Pack Reserve Micro, charges your smartphone and fits on a keychain

Seiko unleashes stylish 'Star Wars' watches

10/12/12: Japanese watchmaker Seiko commemorates "Star Wars" in a new collection of themed watches with a collective run of only 5,000 pieces. Six popular characters from the movies each get their own model: Darth Vader, Darth Maul, C-3PO, R2-D2, Yoda, and a Stormtrooper. Great gift for that special person who, you know, still wears a watch...

Next-Gen Lego Mindstorms Set Announced

LEGO mindstorms programmable robots controlled by smartphone capable of being up and running within 20 minutes of opening the box, the robotic kit uses wi-fi and bluetooth for programming, and can be controlled using smartphones or tablets

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