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Guided Boat Safari in Barcelona Watch the skyline of the city from the Mediterranean sea while the boat jumps waves, performs spins and bursts of speed. An expert boat driver will take you to some of the best spots on the coast during 1 hour and you will finish this thrilling experience in a bar right at the beach, where you can relax while having some drinks.Your journey will begin at Port Vell, willing to discover Barcelona from the sea. You will be taken on a route that goe...

Today I'm grateful for shoulder to shoulder time with my kids. Time to teach them right from wrong teach them skills and have fun together. As they get older I know I will treasure our days together on our boat showing them how to work the lines and turn the winches how to trim the sails and guide the boat. Someday they will know every inch of this boat and I'll be the one that gets to take a nap! #gratitudepost #sailingboat #boatkids #sailingapogee

Many sailboats are powered by outboard engines, although this has become limited to smaller boats in recent years. Some surprisingly large powerboats have outboards for propulsion now that motors up to 300 horsepower are available such us DF300AP - Suzuki

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Which is faster -- a kayak or a canoe?

The more of the boat that's in the water, the more resistance it'll meet. Canoes are generally wider and flatter than kayaks, so they tend to have more contact with the water and sit deeper. This means the canoe will have to cut through the water, while the kayak floats on top. - Outdoor Sports / Recreation Guide - Boating

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What's That Marker?

Free resource from the USCG. | Get nautical with a new Bennington Pontoon Boat this year. Your family and friends will love your #BennyStyle. Find a local dealer at

The Blue Beneath Go to and use code PINTEREST for free shipping on your first order! (Lower 48 USA Only). Sign up for our email newsletter to get your free guide: "Boat Buyer's Guide for Beginners."


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If your team is in the same boat but not rowing together then they're *not* collaborating. This means they're going is circles or, worse yet, going the wrong way. Trust me, you don't want to be the captain of that boat. Get the 'Listening' Guide + 'Team Training' Guide with this course to get your team working together.