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How to Create the Five Element Spread | image via @__paw


Learning To Read Tarot Cards

7 card spread

Yes Or No Tarot Spreads. Lol the very basic and most common yes no way.

Tarot spread. The celtic cross. My favourite spread however I use the extended version which looks at unexpected and unknown situations gives an insight to things which may be overlooked

An index of all the Wild Unknown tarot card meaning posts available so far (updated regularly):

A simple decision making spread- covers positive and negative aspects as well as unknown factors to still be considered.

The Wild Unknown tarot would be a beautiful addition to anyone's tarot collection

The "turning point" spread- I personally see the reference to women as a more "right" handed path of spirituality and the reference to the Tropic of Cancer as the most "northern" point in your natal chart- the house of career! Oddly enough for me, my 10th house (house of Capricorn) is ruled by Cancer (they are opposites, or sister signs).


Learning To Read Tarot Cards

the celtic cross

Quick Answers From The Tarot With The 3-2-1 Tarot Spread Tarot Elements