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Err, Base Commander: Angelina Jolie's right leg appears to have turned to the dark side! ♥

from Mail Online

Angelina Jolie displays her VERY thin legs as arrives in London

Taking center stage: Angelina Jolie, 39, arrives in London for a political meeting on Tuesday ...and displays her VERY thin legs in a smart business suit and nude heels

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Ava Gardner photographed by Virgil Apger, 1950's. ......Uploaded By…

1960s Mini Dresses. Why did all the women in the 60s stand like this?

Blue Handworks Glass Wind Chime, Schatzi Dachshund Dog Blue Handworks $21.50

Bebe Daniels in an evening gown, 1930s.

Thats when they were waxing their legs and eating pickles! Dont ask how those things go together. ~Hayes' wife Abby