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Letting a Broody Hen Do The Work -- When we started with chickens, we knew we wanted them for meat and eggs. We wanted them to breed and chose the heritage breed Buff Orpingtons, who are notoriously broody. But when my first lady decided she wanted chicks I was a nervous wreck! Ream more to find my pros and cons of broody hens and...

from My Pet Chicken Blog

Top 5 most cold hardy chicken breeds

One of the most important things you can do when choosing which breeds you want for your flock is to choose breeds appropriate to your climate. With cold winter weather in the way for most of the US, let's have a look at cold hardy chicken breeds. Our website makes it easy to choose from a list…

from Floyd Family Homestead

Divorcing your Homestead

Okay… maybe divorcing your homestead seems to be a bit of an exaggeration, but sometimes there are days where this lifestyle can be overwhelming, and you just want to give up.

from A Life In the Wild

What Does it Feel Like to Kill a Chicken?

Homesteading for us involves putting meat on the table without going to the grocery store. What Does it Feel Like to Kill a Chicken? It was a good question, one that made me think more deeply about the experience as it happened. via @RobinFollette

from Pioneer Settler

Livestock Options for Meat on a Homestead

Homesteaders guide in raising animals for meat. |

from Floyd Family Homestead

Preparing Your Homestead for Winter

The leaves are changing colors, the nights and the mornings are cool and nature is preparing for its long winter slumber