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The Aquarium Restaurant in Kemah, Texas. This restaurant offers many attractions beyond its good food - they feature a 50,000-gallon, floor-to-ceiling aquarium housing more than 100 species of tropical fish and sharks, and Stingray Reef, where you can touch and feed live stingrays.

Roll Cloud Over Meadow - Wisconsin Phil Koch photographer Where did this treasure come from out of the blue? See the line of light?

Strange Things On The Moon

There are a lot of things that we do know about the moon. It's roughly 1/6 the size of the planet earth. Scientists say that it is 4.6 billion years old and that its approximately 238.000 miles from the planet Earth. It was only recently discovered that there is some water on the moon trapped in ice at the poles. Men from the USA have walked six times on the lunar surface. But you know there's just as much we don't know about it. Where did it come from? Some people speculate it may even be a…

Raising taxes on the highest earners would only run the government for TEN, yes TEN days. DAYS! That's a fact. Where are the real journalists who will do their research and ask the hard questions?

Dec 12 2nd Amb. Comes Forward… EXPLODES CIA Election Claims… Says He Knows Where Info Came From… Not Russia

2nd Amb. Comes Forward? EXPLODES CIA Election Claims? Says He Knows Where Info Came From? Not Russia

Ever wonder how a tradition came to be? I thought it would be fun to take a look into Christmas card past. Just curious, are you writing cards this year? With this fast paced electronic world, the …

"Did you know the name "Mississippi" is an Algonkian Indian word? It comes from words meaning "big river" in Ojibway and other northern Algonquian languages. The Mississippi River begins in northern Minnesota, where the Ojibway people live, and that is where the name of the river came from. There were never any Ojibway people in the state of Mississippi."

Miracles "YES!". The blog post title coupled with this word of exclamation are from ABC broadcaster Al Michaels' call at the end of the 1980 Winter Olympics hockey game where the underdog USA team defeated the heavily favored USSR. I have been meditating for weeks on this verse: "And he did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith." (Matthew 13:58). I will be preaching this text on Sunday- come join us at 9:30 am and let's explore the text together. See you there! -Pastor…